Saturday, May 9, 2009

1968 Sears Spyder

(Click for full photo)

1968 Sears Spyder From trash to treasure. 2 weeks ago I found a circa ~68 Sears (Murray) Spyder 3 speed on the curb to be trashed. Sad shape. Dust, dirt, grime, rust......diamond in the rough. The frame was rusting and pitted. For all you purists out there, it was too far gone to leave original. It needed to be repainted. I did save the Sears label and downtube markings. Disassembled, cleaned, checked, repack bearings. ~ol 3-speed Shimano still works great. New seat, sissy bar, tires. Fork support is old seat support. Rebuilt just like my old Rollfast of ~69 - ~70.