Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1948 Spiegel Airman

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1948 Spiegel Airman I purchased this Spiegel Airman used in 1949. Model # 51T2577, Serial # A 052882. These numbers located on the bottom of crank housing. Tire size 26 x 2.125. Coaster brake is New Departure model D. Dual coil springers and Serial # fit into the Monark Super Deluxe realm. I?m assuming that Monark built this bike for Spiegel probably in 1948. Color is Maroon with Crème trim. Rear carrier disappeared years ago. Paint is in bad shape. The back ¼ of the front fender and the top most part of the rear fender is total rust. Chrome on wheels might possibly be saved but chrome on the gooseneck and 1/3 of the handlebar is totally gone. The main fork was replaced in the early 60?s but never finish painted. The seat has one rub thru but probably acceptable. I can?t tell if the trim is silk screened or just painted. It sure doesn?t look like decals. Because of the condition of paint and chrome I?m considering restoring. Would that be a dumb move? My E-mail is