Friday, August 1, 2014

1931 - 1940 Ingo

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1931 - 1940 Ingo This update on Ingo bikes from Tim Brockett,

Ingo bikes were produced in 1936 and 1937 only, after
which the manufacturing components were destroyed and the factory
retooled for the war effort. One of my friends is "Ingo Mary," world's
foremost historian of the Ingo bike. She obtained her information
directly from the bike's inventor. The patent for the Ingo bike also
supports the fact they weren't produced before 1936.

For identification purposes, the difference between '36 and '37 is the
standing board. On 1936 models, the standing board extends along either
side of the rear wheel. On 1937 models, the standing board terminates
directly in front of the rear wheel.

If you are ever in need of replacement standing boards, I produce
replicas of this part ('36 model only and without the rubber mat). I
may be reached by email.