Thursday, May 22, 2014

1948 Spiegel Airman

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1948 Spiegel Airman This Monark - Spiegel Airman was in extremely bad shape. I started
watching the Menotomy discussions. On 12/3/97 a "johnB" issued a 24
step procedure on how to paint a bike. I saved his artical and in 2007
followed it verbatim (thanks johnB) with two exceptions. He said to use
aerosol spray cans. I used a sprayer. He said use Lacquer. My auto
paint guy said you can't get it anymore so I used Urethane paint which
was matched to the inside of the tank. NOS parts used: Torpedo frt fend
light, handle bar, horn for the tank, fender braces, wheels-tires-tubes.
Chrome plated the stem, two stem bolts, head nut, acorn nuts-spring hold
down. Zinc plated seat post, head bearing cups, bolts & brkts. Rear
carrier was a Monark (mabe not a Spiegel). Every thing else is
original. The seat got lots of coats of Lexol & there was rub-thru to
metal on one side. I used a P-tex candle (skiers know what that is) to
fill the rub-thru. And thats my story! Ron Kelly

Model # 51T2577 -- Serial # A0052882
I have owned this bike since 1949 and useed it to peddle the Detroit
Free Press.
Ron Kelly Fairfield Glade, Tn