Monday, February 23, 2015

1921 - 1930 CCM

(Click for full photo)

1921 - 1930 CCM would like to submit a photo of my 1924 CCM(not sure of the model).I found it at a scrap yard in Ottawa. I ended up paying $5 for it. It appears to be all original parts(except maybe the seat and grips). I am going to restore it. Strip off the many layers of paint.(Must be close to 1/8" thick in some places).Bike rides pretty well once you get it rolling.I would also like to submit a serial number guide for CCMs - 1921-1975.It's still a work in progress but useful none-the-less.I'm only missing a couple of years. I hope you post it. It's hard to find much on CCMs.I have a collection of 35(and growing all the time)CCMs.