Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1968 Columbia Twosome - Going down hill FAST

1968 Columbia Twosome columbia twosome tandem looking for a date of mfg serial number on right side rear zu23714

(This picture displayed sideways to help usher out 2008 - Vin)

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  1. hello-i discovered this post, while looking for any information on my columbia twosome that looks similar to the one in this photo. i am wondering if you would be willing to view my ad at craigslist to see if you can tell me anything about the bikes value. i looked at oldroads, and did not find a value or a listing for columbia twoesome. my ad is in the minneapolis craigslist section under bikes. i don't know if my price is too high or not. i have had offers in the range of 135-150. any help appreciated. thank you