Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1970 Huffy Wheel

1970 Huffy Wheel Vintage ad for a Huffy Wheel bike. Circa 1969-70


  1. Thanks for making me your pic of the day. Thats me on the Huffy Wheel bicycle. I was 13 and living in Dayton Ohio. I was in a couple mags and a poster they displayed at the stores. Huffy paid me a $5.00 model fee.

  2. thanks i was just told about these bikes and i wanted to see what they look like.

  3. I had one of these bikes - brand new, got it for Christmas. I was by far the coolest kid around (or at least, I had the coolest bike). I remember every last detail of it, down to the red pin stripes on the tires and the sparkle blue paint. Racing slick, drag brake ... man!

    Lots of kids started modifying their bikes with real steering wheels around that time - but this one was stock. It was solid, too - quality construction.

    Only thing was that you couldn't ride other kids on the handle bars. Too bad, I said. :)

    Thanks for the memories!