Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1961 Schwinn Tornado

1961 Schwinn Tornado This all original, mint bicycle is a 1960 men~s (yes, it is an adult bike) Schwinn Tornado. My father purchased it for me as a christmas present (it takes place of the shotguns he has bought for my brothers). This picture was taken when I had my senior photos shot. Everyone at the photo place looked upon it with awe! This is my favorite ride next to my stingrays. Over all, an excellent bike.

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  1. Great bike. It reminds me of a similar if not identical bike I got for Christmas around 1958/59. I didn't know how to ride at the time but it came with training wheels. I'll have to check with my dad to see what model it was. When I find out, I'll be adding one to my collection.