Friday, January 23, 2009

1971 Fleetwing Tigercat

1971 Fleetwing Tigercat 1971 Fleetwing Tigercat (the BIG
chopper-24"x20"). This bike and photo are owned by and part of Larry Ricci~s
musclebike collection.


  1. cool bike Larry. Growing up in san antonio tx I had a green 3 speed Fleetwing stingray style w/ stick shift (t-shift) . I loved that bike my mom got it for me in 72' Fastest bike in the nieghberhood. jumped 25 ft' off a ramp . right into my front yard . Looking back , its hard believe i did all that . but you know back then , we all wanted to be Evil Knevil .Mom sold in a Garage sale in the 80's I would love to come across that bike again , but that just wishfull dreaming. if you ever come across one like that please email me at .thanks Larry . have a great ride, Troy

  2. I picked up a 1970 tiger cat 5 speed last year and I am looking for the shift nob that was on the shifter. Any Ideas?