Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1949 Shelby Supreme

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1949 Shelby Supreme a rare and classic SHELBY CYCLE CO. SUPREME BICYCLE Ladies Bike in near mint condition, most likely museum quality. The owner~s mother won this fabulous two-toned red and beige bike in a raffle at Hamlin Park in East Aurora, NY circa 1949 or 1950, and barely - if ever - used it, it has been stored most of its life. The chrome on the tires is brilliant, the seat looks brand new, and the "Shelby" painted decals are intact. The bicycle~s serial number is 49.71781. It measures 33" to the seat and is 6 feet in length. Completely original including paint and all parts, this beautiful bicycle shows very little wear with only a handful of scratches or scuffs and some light rust in a few spots as can be seen in the photos, most of which are a result of moving it around in storage and not from use. The horn works fine as does the light, though new batteries/bulb are needed. Additional details regarding the parts include: * Seat: Stamped "Troxel, Elyria, OH" * Tires: Marked "US Royal Chain, United States Rubber Co." * Light: Marked "Delta, Made in USA" * Frame Plate: "Bendix" (near back tire) * Kickstand: Marked "DATA PL" * Handlebar Grips: Marked "FlexGrip, Pat. Pending" * Name Plates: One says "The Shelby, American~s Quality Bicycle, The Shelby Cycle Co., Shelby, OH" and the other, "Shelby Supreme".

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  1. how much could it be worth i think i found the same one in a bit thoufer conditinson