Friday, August 14, 2009

1969 Sears Screamer

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1969 Sears Screamer Original Owner 1969 Sears Screamer 1 Barn Find After 40 Plus Years

Greetings, I just wanted to send a photo in of this really clean 1969 Sears Screamer 1 I recenty purchased from the original owner, and I just sold it on ebay. it was complete and unrestored, it had a couple of non original parts, but for the most part it was complete and unmolested, hope you can use it or post it for others to enjoy.

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  1. wow! my parents got me one for x-mas! It was the hottest bike around then. I lived in a state park then when my dad was the superentendent. The bike met a sad fate when
    I began to get interested in girls,and there where many in a state park in summer. I let a cute girl ride it and going down a hill she didnt know the brakes where on the handelbars and ran into an oncoming car going slow. I watched her go over the handlebars onto the hood of the car. I did,nt know that girls wore hair peices then. She had one that came off when she hit the car. I practically crapped my pants! I thought she got scallped! Well she was allright just a few bruises but it destroyed the front end thus ending that beutiful bike. since then i have never let girls play with my bikes!