Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1948 Monark Gene Aurty

(Click for full photo)

1948 Monark Gene Aurty Late 40~s 24" Gene Autry. Original horn, pistol, even spokes. Found in attic missing pretty much everything. (saddle,horn,bars,seat,crank) It was real bad. Hand built pretty much everything. Very exact, Picture does no justice. Husband had us restore it for his wife for a Christmas gift. Needless to say she was very emotional as her dad owned a Firestone in southern Ohio and gave it to her as a child.

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  1. this is a funny bike! that horse-like thing is killing me :D
    found your site via some random motobecane photo, which is what i have been riding for the last few years
    greetings from sf
    <3 meligrosa