Friday, May 6, 2011

1954 Raleigh

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1954 Raleigh This women~s Raleigh bicycle was the property of an old gentleman living in the suburb of Cloetesville outside Stellenbosch, South Africa. Everything is original on this bike barring the seat and pedals. The bike has no gears and hence no Sturmey-Archer hub from where one could get a date code. The serial number printed on the frame below the seat reads: 66330HI. I have however not managed to find a date of manufacture since it does not correspond to any of the codes listed in the Raleigh serial number charts. I suspect that this bike is VERY OLD since it has rod-brakes, no gears and no headbadge (also no indication on the frame of there ever being a headbadge! It has an iteresting little rear reflector fitted to the carrier.

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