Thursday, May 26, 2011

1959 J.C. Higgins

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1959 J.C. Higgins 1959 J.C. Higgins Female single speed made in USA. All original and complete. Front springer fork, tank, rear rack, dual headlight, dual tail light.

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  1. Wow--this is my first big girl bicycle...I loved it and kept the fenders so shiny--I would use steel wool to remove any lit pits of rust that would show up...I loved it with the back lights. I has a set of back saddle baskets that I used to put my schoolbooks in when I rode it to school every day. I ran the entire neighborhood--and it kept me skinny as a rail! Kids called me Pretzelstick as I was tall and skinny--I lived on this bicycle. It is so good to see such a beautiful picture of it! Does it have a model #? Thank you for posting it! It deserves to be showcased!