Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1966 Columbia

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1966 Columbia Bought this one today (Nov.3~05). No readable headbadge or other decals which reveal its making. The serial number though classifies it as a ~66 Columbia. Still in fully orginional condition(front & rear baskets detached) Some schrathes in the gold metallic paint, no rust apart from the rims.

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  1. HI.... you have a cool website. Thank you for sharing these photos of old bikes. A flood of memories just came back to me, most important was waking up one Christmas morning to find that Santa Claus had left me a brand new gold Columbia bicycle. That would have been 1968 or 1969 I think. This bike is very close to what I remember. Same color. My chain guard said "Columbia" I think, and maybe even the model name, which I can't remember. And there was some white paint on mine, a couple of splotches like maybe on the handel-bar post, just beneath the nut for tightening it. I've just searched the web for similar bikes, and I think this model might have been called the "Tourister." I don't remember my seat having springs, and my bike didn't have baskets. Just so you know, seeing that shiny bicycle sitting in my living room that Christmas morning so long ago is the most beautiful bicycle I have ever seen. Thanks again for sparking the memories. - johnallenrichter.wordpress.com"