Friday, March 30, 2012

1952 Rudge

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1952 Rudge 1952 RUDGE-WHITWORTH KUSTOM RESTORED With 26" rims, Pirelli whitewall tires, coaster brake, modern poliurethane saddle, Rudge original handlebar, Rudge original sprocket and dice-caps lowrider tube valvecaps. Because the lack of original parts on this bicycle, Cigano Special Bikes members decided to restore it to a kustom-look. They repainted the bike sky blue and white, polished rims and plates, replaced the saddle, mounted coaster brake, put dice-caps lowrider on the tube valves and replaced the fenders by the fenders of an ol~Caloi bicycle model 1969. The bike isn~t factory original, it~s a kustomized bike! Photo taken and bicycle owned by Mário Henrique Romano Bernardes - Brazil

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