Friday, March 16, 2012

1969 Cinzia

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1969 Cinzia I picked up this Cinzia folding bike from a neighbor for $25. It~s in pretty good shape, a bit rusty in spots from sitting for the past 30 years. It has 3 speeds, with the shifter on the downtube, quick releases for both the seat and handlebars, a generator on the front wheel for a headlight and taillight, a rear rack that is part of the frame. All the parts seem to be Italian, including the original Pirelli tires which are in good shape. Given the shape the tires are in and in talking to the owner, this bike hasn~t been ridden much. My guess is that it was built in the 1960~s. I~m planning on cleaning it up a bit and getting it in rideable shape, don~t have the time or ability to do a total restoration. Not that I needed another bike, but it seemed to unique and cool to pass up. .com

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