Saturday, May 26, 2012

1965 Schwinn Varsity

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1965 Schwinn Varsity This is a 1965 Schwinn Varsity that I restored. It was my grandfathers and it was left in a shed for about 20+ years and it was really rusted when I got it. The tires & tubes were shot, fenders were rusty, rims were rusty, handlebars were rusty, and it was dirty. It was just about ready to get thrown out but I saved it. I worked all summer and fixed it up. This is what it looks like now with fenders off of an old huffy from the 50~s. I had the original fenders all shined up but I liked these better. I have also recently added an old cable drive analog speedometer, new tires + tubes, and new cables. This bike never has let me down in anyway and it is a excellent bike. I treat it the way i would want to be treated if I was a bike.

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