Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1974 Schwinn Varsity

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1974 Schwinn Varsity This is a 1974 Schwinn Varsity with a 2hp Brigs & Stratton motor, The pedals are standard width, The engine mount, luggage rack, Tank, and Fork brace are hand made and all clamped/bolted on, No welding on frame. The PTO side of motor shaft has bin cut off and a v-belt pulley attached to a aluminum fly wheel, There is a friction drive wheel witch is locked down on the back tirer while pedaling, witch startes the motor and in turn powers the back wheel, When the lever on the side of the tank is released from it~s locking gate poshion, the drive wheel disengages from the back wheel and a kill wire stops the motor and you continue pedaling. The wheeles are old stile coster brake style, The motor came off a rototiller and had all the forced air shrouds removed and turned into a free air, I have been riding this bike for two Yrs. in Florida and have not experinced any over heating problems. I have more detailed pic~s if you are intrested, At ( )

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