Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1968 Huffy Eldorado

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1968 Huffy Eldorado 1968 Huffy Eldorado, women~s frame, jet on front fender, built-in light in tank, SN# 8H782120. Year based on Old Road~s Huffy dating page and similarity to 1965 Silver Jet in this photo database. More info. welcome here: bikes@msu.edu

My aunt bought the bike through the old grocery store stamp program that ran in the 60s--you got green stamps at stores like Chatham and took them to a redemption center to get stuff like lamps, books and bikes. (If this doesn~t sound familiar, ask your parents or grandparents or anyone over the age of 50.) She rode it in the neighborhood, and it had a front handlebar basket that she used when she would ride up to the corner store to get milk or other goodies

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