Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1959 Firestone 500

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1959 Firestone 500 Firestone 500... Anyone know what year this one is???? It's not the 60's model, the design clearly pre-dates that. Also the nameplate bears Firestone, and Firestone only (unlike ALL other models that were produced by other companies endorsed by Firestone). Also NO WHERE on the bike does it mention ANY other maker such as Huffy, Colson, Monark, Murray, HP Snyder, Cleveland Welding or Werne Auto. There is a painted emblem that reads, ARCO DIV. AMERICAN MARIETTA. I'm at a loss. All 500's I've seen are from the 60's This bike came from the original owner (paid only 30 bucks),he says he bought it for his wife in the 40's and possibly 50's. If anyone has any info on this beauty

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