Saturday, January 9, 2016

1971 Columbia SuperSport

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1971 Columbia SuperSport This is a 1971 Columbia SuperSport, more commonly refered to as an "SS5". Columbia made these bikes in a 5, 3, and 1 (or coaster brake) version. Their frame design, although innovative for the time, lacked strength in the sprocket mounting configuration, thus sending most of these bikes to an early grave. Either because of the small numbers left in existence, or the radical "chopper" design, these bikes are highly sought out by musclebike collectors today. They were also produced by the Modern Tool and Die Co. (MTD), and carried their headbadge as well. Both bikes were exactly the same other than the headbadge and chainguard artwork. The one shown here is fully restored. It can be used as a reference for such, as every detail is correct.(Lever covers were added at owners preference and were not factory original) Bike owned by/photo credit, Bob Timms 1-27-03

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