Saturday, March 5, 2016

1901 - 1910 Sunbeam oilbath halfmoon shield

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1901 - 1910 Sunbeam oilbath halfmoon shield Sunbeam oilbath halfmoon shield (patent 1905)
Photo Courtesy of Norman Miller, Pa. USA.

This illustrates Sunbeam patent no. GB190515493 , the "half-moon shield" (This patent no. appears on the oilbath itself in its earlier form 15493/05)

and also, perhaps, GB190827189, the bolt-on oil-bath - the words "patent" and a number below can just be made out on the perforated chainstay to the left of the crank, though it does not look like the right number.

(see the originals of both by keying in the nos at

or go straight to patents here:
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