Wednesday, October 5, 2016

1951 Schwinn Panther

(We did not write the comments which accompany each picture)

1951 Schwinn Panther This is a picture of my friends beautiful 1951 Schwinn Panther girls bike. The serial number is H15891 and it is completely original, except there is no chain. This was his sisters bike and was purchased new, way back when. He recently dug the bike out of the storage shed and asked his sister about it. She said he could have it if he wanted it! I still have a lot to learn about this bike so I can describe it properly. Any information about this bike would be great! THANKS! Oh yeah, I took these pictures outside on a nice sunny day with a Kodak DC3400 digital camera with no flash. Also, this bike has spent its life in Eastern Washington state where it is very dry. There is very little rust on our old cars and bikes! Sincerely, J. Warren

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